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Biodanza Facilitator Training

Biodanza Career Opportunity

Biodanza Facilitator TrainingIn addition to the personal growth and fulfilment to be had from regular Biodanza classes, this unique and embracive combination of meditation, exercise and therapy offers an additional aspect to your current or future career.

It is human nature to want to share our joy and personal gains with our fellows and, for many, the need arises to help others achieve the same new levels of happiness and insight into what it means to put life first.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, read on!

Biodanza Facilitator Training Course

The Biodanza Facilitator Training follows on from the Personal Development Course and prepares you to facilitate other people’s life changing experiences with Biodanza.

The fourteen Personal Development weekends are the essential personal enhancement and the foundation required to become a facilitator of Biodanza. In order to lead others in their personal growth, you need to have experienced the impact of deep vivencia in your own life and to have used it yourself to improve your life.

Completing the Personal Development Course will help you to decide whether pursuing Biodanza as a profession and getting Biodanza Facilitator Training is the right choice for you and, on completion of this series of weekends, you will be ready to continue toward your professional training as a Biodanza facilitator.

From this point, you will continue your own personal development but the focus of your training shifts to learning the theoretical and practical skills needed by a Biodanza facilitator to lead a group. These skills are:

  • Understanding the theory and methodology of Biodanza
  • Your own ability to experience vivencia
  • Your ability to demonstrate the exercises to others
  • Your poetic enunciation (or introduction) of exercises with imagery, a word, poetry etc.
  • Your choice of music and understanding of how music impacts on a group process
  • Your design of a class on the correct gradient and sequence for participants
  • Your observation and reading of the group and individual reactions to exercises or the class

This requires a further eleven weekends of training, a supervisory period to assist you in your application of the material learned in your own group and a presentation of monograph.

What’s in it for you?

What do you get from this training? You learn to form and hold a group. You move beyond yourself into the care and nurturing of others. You become a source from which positive life energy flows. That special essence that is you is recovered. You become a leader of men and women who are seeking to live life from the heart.

Facilitator Training Dates


Applications and Extensions – ArsMagna
Methodology I (Musical Sementics)
Methodology II (The Biodanza Session)
Methodology III (Session Continues) & Mechanisms Action of Biodanza
Methodology IV (Weekly & Weekend Classes)
February 2017  25 & 26 Methodology V ( The Group Biodanza)
March 2017  25 & 26 Methodology VI & VII (Criteria of Development and Evaluation in Biodanza


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