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Welcome to Biodanza in South Africa

Welcome to Biodanza in South Africa!!

If you are tired of having a life of constant pain and are looking to transform your life, come try Biodanza!!!

Biodanza founded by Rolando Toro, a psychologist from Chile was brought to South Africa by Carolina Churba- Doyle in 1996.

Biodanza uses music, movement and allows for expression. Life sometimes does not allow for expression and Biodanza provides and safe space for you to feel and to express yourself without words and in connection with your body.

There are facilitators all over South Africa and the community is still growing.

Biodanza offers a personal developmental process for you to grow into yourself. It uses music and movement and takes you on a journey of self discovery to CONSCIOUSLY recreate your own masterpiece which is YOU!!

So if you are looking to reinvent yourself and to make a shift to a more authentic life, come join us in one of the classes or call me for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!!

With my love,


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