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Welcome to Biodanza in South Africa

Hi and welcome to Biodanza in South Africa!

It is my mission to get you to love Biodanza as much as I do. The key message behind Biodanza in South Africa is to put life first. What that means to you, will be unique to you. Luckily, there is no rule book for living!

The founder of Biodanza was Rolando Toro Araneda. I took my first class with him when I was eighteen and he remains my daily inspiration. I keep to his simple methods. When people come, we play some music, we dance, we connect, we share and life becomes better.

All I can offer is an opportunity to join with us in making a happier, healthier and less stressful world where we can all see and appreciate the other people in our lives.

If a free class encourages you to come and see, please be my guest for your first class at Parktown North, Johannesburg.

But there are lots of classes and facilitators around South Africa. There is, or will be soon, a class near you!

By the way, I brought Biodanza to South Africa in 1996. And it has added some more colour to the Rainbow Nation!

I look forward to meeting you.

Receive my embrace,


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