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Competition versus Collaboration

Conscious Competition or Collaboration



I have always been one who thinks that competitiveness is a by product of Capitalism and as a result have hated the word. With time and wisdom I have learnt there could be a positive side to it but that it depends on the amount of it, which determines whether the tipping scale is more towards destructiveness than constructiveness. In contrast,  too much of “collaboration” can dissolve one’s identity and brand and can become a disempowering exercise rather than a positive experience. One starts to develop “group think” and ” sheep” mentality and you can lose yourself with the fear of not being part of the ” whole” and the fear of standing in your own “truth”.

So, for me, becoming conscious about this will determine where the mark of the balance lies. This determination is dependent on each individuals level of consciousness. Getting the balance right is where the ” gold ” lies.Both can be useful if done consciously.

We currently live the destruction of unconsciously engaging with both these concepts and taking it to extremes.

I tell my children, “everything in moderation, nothing in excess”. The “Conscious Balance” can change the world.


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