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Founder of Biodanza in South Africa- Carolina Churba-Doyle

Carolina Churba-DoyleCarolina Churba-Doyle is among the leading world figures in Biodanza and has over thirty years’ experience in Biodanza. Her training and students are recognised as being among the best currently emerging from Biodanza training worldwide.

In 1990, she brought Biodanza from its origins in South America to London, where the establishment of the programme was successfully completed in 1995. From England, Biodanza has since moved into numerous countries throughout Europe and into Japan.

In 1996, Carolina brought Biodanza to South Africa and in 2005, she was recognised by Rolando Toro Araneda and the world governing body of Biodanza, the International Biocentric Foundation, as the official licence holder and custodian of Biodanza in Southern Africa.

“I started Biodanza at 18 in Argentina. Biodanza has helped me live my life in balance. Every class I have a chance to process my week. And I find my inner source of love that allows life to flow from week to week in a positive way. That is why I have continued with it for over thirty years!”

“I trained as a physiotherapist in rehabilitation and wanted to help people heal. I found that medicine treated the symptoms and focused on illness. I wanted to focus on generating health. Biodanza proved to be something I needed to apply not just in my own life but also through my professional life. I see people heal their lives through Biodanza from their very core. This gives me purpose in my facilitation.”

With her extensive experience and passion for Biodanza, Carolina knows how to blend any group and bring them into communication from the heart with Biodanza. She has worked successfully with groups as diverse as army generals, fast track bank managers, apartheid divided management and unionised staff, New Age ravers and the general public. Anyone can benefit from the direct heart communication and sense of community that are her trademark.

She runs the Schools of Biodanza in Johannesburg and Cape Town, holds regular classes every week, does occasional corporate work and workshops overseas and has generated extensive media coverage for Biodanza and its benefits. She conducts workshops in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition to these classes and workshops, Carolina Churba-Doyle also facilitates the Biodanza Personal Development Course.

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