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Biodanza- A Way of Life!!

Hello World!

Biodanza is a way of life. It is about putting life first. It is about becoming conscious in every thought, feeling, behaviour/action and choosing to preserve life rather than to destroy life.

Not many things in life allow focussed attention to connecting as human beings and Biodanza allows this to happen. It allows one to give personal expression to feelings and gives permission for you to be authentic in every moment, with the full intensity of every present moment.

For me, Biodanza is a practical tool that allows one to be with the “Power of Now” which Ekhart Tolle speaks of in his books.

Come experience first hand the power of Biodanza and transform your life.

With my love,






The Journey of Biodanza!

  Hello World Welcome to the Biodanza South Africa Blog! Biodanza is a dance healing methodology aimed at changing and transforming your life from inside out. It is a courageous transformative journey that reconnects you with life. Biodanza changed my life as it did for many people. Biodanza appears in your life when you are… Continue Reading

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