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Biodanza Workshop – The Return of the Dionysus

Date: May 27, 2018
Time: 9:30 am  to  4:00 pm


The Return of Dionysus  26-27 May 2018 !

Dionysus is very important in Greek Mythology. He is related to wine, abandonment, creativity and ecstasy. He represents ongoing regeneration of life, the irrational wisdom of emotions.

In our modern lives, everything has its place, logic, and thinking. Planning ahead and success are the order of the day, Science on the other hand indicates that life is a dance of endless energy that flows through the universe in different forms and creativity. This is Dionysus energy, the power of life that flows through us all.
The archetype of Dionysus invites us to surrender to the world of pleasure and creativity. When our feelings, emotions and desires have been suppressed for a long time, the result is stress, tension and illness. When we invoke the energy of Dionysus, we awaken our creativity and desire to live from our instincts and recover the pleasures of life.

Place: Simunye Ngothando, 36 Modderfontein Road, President Park,

Dates:26-27 May

R2500 per person

24 May Thursday 6:30pm class Parktown North
25 May Friday 18:30 – 20:00 Facilitator Support class; Parktown North
26-27 May Weekend Mindrand, Simunye Saurday & Sunday.
Banking details: Biodanza South Africa Nedbank Acc no. 1973045583. Use your full name as reference

Stephen White

Stephen is from South Africa where he completed his Biodanza training under the direction of Carolina Churba. Stephen moved to The Netherlands where he facilitated weekly classes and was Director of the SRT Biodanza Schools of Amsterdam and Eindhoven. He currently lives in Italy with his partner where he continues the work of Biodanza.

“Biodanza brought joy back into my life”



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