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Fun Team Building with Biodanza

Fun Team Building with Biodanza

Teams are groups of people. The emotional tone of a group decides whether it is receptive to new ideas or not. You can explain and be logical until you are blue in the face. But if you don’t tap into the positive emotional energy of a group, you get nowhere.

And this is where Biodanza comes into Team Building. A fast, efficient and highly effective method of moving people from negative to positive in the time frames we need today.

Who’s used us?

In South Africa, Absa Bank has had Carolina Churb-Doyle & Biodanza as part of its fast track executive training programme for over twelve years.


Because the technique works. And because Carolina Churba-Doyle has the professionalism required by corporates.

Who else?

Toyota, South African Defence Force, Dimension Data and lots more have used Biodanza as an ice breaking method for various group processes.


As an icebreaker and a quick way to break down the barriers so typical in the first days of a team building session, Biodanza has no competitors.


Phone Carolina, 082 689 9705 and find out if this will fit you and your group.

After that, we will give you a written proposal, pricing and references for your approval process.


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