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Personal Development CourseSTARTING SEPTEMBER 2019!!!

The Biodanza Personal Development Course is the start of one of the most revealing, invigorating and adventurous journeys any person can undertake, and that is into the realms of self-discovery, strengths and weaknesses, and finding out who they really are. And now they can start to live life with an open heart.


The course is about putting LIFE first and increasing your ability to create the relationships you want. It is a series of fourteen weekends of intense Biodanza, each of which is an experiential group process aimed at exploring a different facet of Biodanza.

The people participating in the course with you become your companions. They become your friends, your colleagues and the people who support you in your life changes. Each weekend is supported by a Training Manual written by Biodanza founder, Rolando Toro Araneda.

These weekends provide the cognitive understanding of the Biodanza experience and an opportunity to reflect on your life. Normally, you would start each weekend session on Saturday morning and finish on Sunday afternoon.

The Biodanza Personal Development Course Program

Science, Art, Love

1. Definition & Theoretical Model

“The conceptual basis of Biodanza came from a reflection on life, a desire to be reborn from our broken gestures and our empty and sterile structure of expression. We could assuredly say it came from a nostalgia for love.”

“We have a way of being absent with our whole presence. By not looking at, not listening to, not touching another person, we subtly strip them of their identity. We do not recognise the person in them; we are with them but we ignore them. This disqualification, conscious or unconscious, has a terrifying meaning involving all the pathologies of the ego.

To celebrate the presence of another, exalting it in the essential enchantment of the encounter, is perhaps the only healthy possibility.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-science-art-love

Putting Life First

2. Biocentric Principle & Vital Unconscious

“The Biocentric Principle has as its starting point the vivencia of a universe based on life.

Everything that exists in the universe – be it elements, stars, plants or animals, including humans – is a component of a larger living system. The universe exists because life exists – not the other way around.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-blue-cell

The Heart of Biodanza

3. Vivencia

“Vivencia is an experience lived with great intensity by an individual in the here-now.”

Vivencias are a doorway though which we penetrate into the pure space of being, where time stops existing and we are here and now forever.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-vivencia

Children of the Stars

4. Biological & Physiological Basis of Biodanza

“There is no doubt that the energy of life is one, common to plants, animals, and humanity. We are contained in a cosmic broth of life. The energy of life circulates in us and in nature as a flux. We humans block this flux; we try to stay isolated. But in reality we are linked by a subtle telepathic intelligence whose nature is love and which we can open or close ourselves to.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-energy-of-life

Life, Death & Resurrection

5. Mythical & Philosophical Aspects of Biodanza

“Humanity, throughout history, has frequently lost the great revelations discovered by its visionaries and gone through dark periods of dissociation and complete loss of identity. We can look for inspiration within these Mysteries in order to nourish the health and vitality of our civilisation.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-life-death-resurrection

Who am I?

6. Identity & Integration

“Our identity is revealed in the presence of the other. This notion of being different and  unique is revealed in the presence of others.”

Rolando Toro Araneda 

Personal Development Course-who-am-i

Moving into New Awareness

7. Trance & Regression

“Integrative trance has a restorative effect. The trance that leads to sleep, the trance that leads to sexual ecstasy, the trance of dancing are all examples of integrative trance. The mystic trance, accompanied by vivencias of supreme happiness, physical well-being and union with the cosmic totality is also a form of integrative trance. The trances induced during the exercises and ceremonies of Biodanza are integrative. During the integrative trance, states of anxiety disappear.

Coming out of an integrative trance has the quality of “rebirth.” The trance of Biodanza has profound “reparenting” effects.”

Rolando Toro Araneda 

Personal Development Course-trance

Our need for Contact

8. Contact & Caress

“Anybody that is not caressed begins to die. Contact is a source of health and is the most important therapeutic action. To see that all people have access to caresses … is the only revolution that makes sense.“

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-contact

Your Will to Live

9. Vitality

“Vitality means having a strong will to live and possessing energy available for action.” this line is generated in the instinct of conservation of life, in the many mechanisms in charge of maintaining the homeostasis and regulation of the organism. It is linked to the first experiences of movement and feelings of energy.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-vitality

Connecting with Another

10. Affectivity

“Affectivity is a state of deep affinity toward other beings, capable of originating feelings of love, friendship, altruism, maternity, paternity, and companionship. However, opposing feelings such as anger, jealousy, insecurity, and envy can also be considered components of the complex phenomenon of affectivity.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course affectivity

Stepping Beyond Ourselves

11. Transcendence

“A feeling of intimate connection with nature and with another person is a peak experience we rarely have in our lives. To know “for sure” that we are not isolated beings, but that we are participating in the unifying movement of the cosmos, is enough to alter our scale of values. Perceiving themselves as a source of intimacy and open with love undoubtedly influences people’s evolution, inundating them with vitality and inner unity.“

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course-vitality

Desire & Pleasure in Your Life

12. Sensuality

“Sexuality and life are absolutely linked. Sexual desire represents a strong motivation to live. Human sexuality is a way of being and growing. Our whole life unfolds according to our sexual connections. Human identity is organised in the natural flow of erotic energy.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course sensuality

Creating Your Life!

13. Creativity -The Path from Chaos to Harmony

“Creativity is an integral part of the cosmic transformation, the path from chaos to order. The work of creation is always the expressive result of the act of living. The creator’s problem can be a struggle against his own overabundance. The humility necessary to take one of several projects and to carry it out well, as if we were eternal, thinking of the infinite time that it takes the universe to create a small flower, a bumblebee, an emerald.

Our opulence as artists is not in our overabundance, but in the humility to abandon our multiple options and to place our serene love in a single one of them.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course creativity

A New Beginning!

14. Review Weekend

“By proposing a process of integration and development for each individual, Biodanza postulates freedom and respect for each one, the same respect the farmer has for the seed. This idea can only be supported from the axiom that the human seed is essentially good, that is to say that there is a divine impulse within it. All a discipline of development must do is to help individuals recognise this impulse within themselves.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Personal Development Course review

Your Facilitators

Carolina (6)Carolina Churba facilitates the Personal Development Course – your journey of personal transformation. She is among the leading world figures in Biodanza and has over thirty years’ experience in Biodanza. In 2019, she will be providing support to the Biodanza School of 2019 with Feroza Mansoor.

Carolina has been offering these weekends in South Africa since 1998 and many people have gone through this personal development process with very positive results. Local and international guest teachers of Biodanza will also be invited to lead specific weekends.

Carolina started Biodanza in Argentina at the age of 18 and brought Biodanza to South Africa in 1996. In 2005, she was recognised by Rolando Toro Araneda and the world governing body of Biodanza, the International Biocentric Foundation, as the official licence holder and custodian of Biodanza in Southern Africa.

She says, “Biodanza has helped me live my life in balance. Every class I have a chance to process my week. And I find my inner source of love that allows life to flow from week to week in a positive way. That is why I have continued with it for over thirty years!”

“I trained as a physiotherapist in rehabilitation and wanted to help people heal. I found that medicine treated the symptoms and focused on illness. I wanted to focus on generating health. Biodanza proved to be something I needed to apply not just in my own life but also through my professional life. I see people heal their lives through Biodanza from their very core. This gives me purpose in my facilitation.”




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Saturdays: 9:30am – 5pm
Sundays: 9:30am – 4pm

Completion of Course

This personal development course will have given you increased capacity for:

  • Joy and passion for life;

  • Self-confidence;
  • Better communication with others;
  • Intimacy within relationships; and
  • In most cases, an overall state of well-being.

You will perceive the potentiality in life for joy, passion and health. You will be able to continue the process of self-transformation through regular Biodanza.



Dr Feroza Mansoor

Owner: Biodanza South Africa

Cell:   +27 (0) 83 643 33 22

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