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Your First Biodanza Class – What to Expect

“I go every week because I feel more me after a class.
I handle life better.
I communicate better. I feel better.
I am more alive! Things just go better!
If I miss it I feel it!”

Biodanza Class

Your facilitator has prepared a journey through movement and wonderful music. A safe space express yourself is created. Biodanza classes promote relaxation, joy, and passion.

Classes are a mix of upbeat rhythmic music and more gentle lyrical tunes. To help you reach your full potential through different kinds of movement. One thing is for sure, you leave smiling and content.

What you should bring?

Bottle water comfortable clothes and an open mind – Biodanza is impossible to put into words, you just have to come and experience it.

A set of ten classes has been found in scientific studies to still have on-going benefits in people’s lives three months after the last class.

How are classes run?

Classes are all run by a trained facilitator who takes the class through various stages or levels of music and dance, changing the flows, and instruction.

What you should wear?

Casual clothing is recommended, that is loose and comfortable. There is no uniform, so just wear something you feel comfortable in. This is not a fashion show, nor is it a place to impress others. Just be natural and casual.

Your FIRST Biodanza class is like nothing you have experienced before.



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