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About Dr Feroza Mansoor

Dr Feroza Mansoor is medical doctor who works as a Conscious Transformation Leadership Coach who is passionate about the MIND- BODY-SOUL – ENERGY connection and NEUROSCIENCE and who works intuitively to help her clients to understand and manage their internal states and to change their lives from inside out. Sher also works as a Biodanza Facilitator and Director of the  Biodanza School of Johannesburg.

She is an avid advocate for Holistic Health and Wellbeing and encourages her clients to make conscious choices that proactively keep them in a state of Conscious Holistic Health.

She currently runs 2 companies: Biodanza South Africa and Life In Your Hands. Dr Feroza has extensive experience in the  Health Sector and extensive, Strategic, Operational and Project Management experience. She also has over 20 years experience as a Training and Development Specialist. She also pioneered and led the first Union HIV Project in South Africa from 1997-2007 which became internationally recognised.

She is also a Published Author and Public Speaker and works to ignite the fire in others and  to motivate others to Consciously Transform their lives from inside out.

Dr Feroza’s personal life journey has been one of repeatedly overcoming obstacles in her life and she firmly believes that the power of changing the world starts with changing yourself first. She is passionate about Conscious Transformation and the Self Development Tools that she has tried a tested for over 10 years on herself that have transformed her life. She now shares these tools in her classes, training courses, workshops and retreats. Sign up so she can keep you posted on what is happening.

She first encountered Biodanza in 2008, at a very difficult moment in her life, and has been on an intense journey of Personal Development and Transformation for the last 12 years. Biodanza has helped her transform her life from a story of being a “survivor” to a “thriver” of life. She is passionate about Biodanza as a dance healing methodology and knows first hand of the healing power it has and is now working to passing this tool on to help other people who might need it and benefit from it.

“Biodanza helps reconnect one to one’s life force again and to come “alive” again. It provides a scientifically tested methodology that uses, music, movement and allows expression in a non- judgemental safe space. It helps people reconnect with joy and happiness and from this perspective helps them transform their lives from inside out.”…Dr Feroza Mansoor

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