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Biodanza Facilitators

A Biodanza facilitator undergoes 2-5 to 3 years of training through Biodanza School in order to work as a Biodanza Facilitator.

They first undertake the Level 1: Personal Development Course. This ensures that they have experienced first hand the power of Biodanza to improve their own personal lives. They started where you are now. They then undertake the Level 2: Biodanza Facilitator Training to understand how the methodology, techniques, music and exercises are used to facilitate the personal growth processes of participants. Finally, they undergo a supervisory period and monograph. This helps ensure the facilitators are ready to facilitate your process of personal development.

They then start doing weekly classes to offer Biodanza to the community near them. They can also offer Biodanza to Schools, Old Age homes, Community Centres, etc. Rolando’s dream was for Biodanza to go as far as is needed to reach as many people as is possible and this is done through the School and Facilitator Training.Facilitators helps participants to explore their personal growth through the specific methodology, techniques and exercises of Biodanza.

Biodanza is a standard methodology. Every class follows a similar pattern. The individual facilitator brings his or her own personality, life experience and own resonance to a class.

Since the opening of the Schools in South Africa in 1994, 80 Facilitators where trained and are registered with the International body as Facilitators under the Directorship of Carolina Churba-Doyle.

All Biodanza Facilitators Qualified Before 2018 in South Africa:

Dr Feroza Mansoor now embarks on the journey to offer the Personal Development Course and Facilitator Training Course as Director of the School of Johannesburg from September 2019.

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