Join our ONLINE Biodanza Classes every Thursday at 6:30pm. To register please WhatsApp +27 (0)83 64 333 22.

Welcome to Biodanza in South Africa

Welcome to Biodanza in South Africa!!

Are you feeling STRESSED?

biodanza south africa

Are your filled with FEAR and UNCERTAINTY about the future?

Are you feeling ANXIOUS about how to go forward?

Why not come try our Online Biodanza classes done in the privacy of your home to see if you like it? WhatsApp +27(0)83 64 333 22 to REGISTER TODAY!

Biodanza is a “Conscious Transformation” Tool that uses music, movement and allows for expression. It allows you to reconnect with the messages from your body before illness sets in and to rewire your brain for Joy, Happiness, Fun and Love again. It is possible to reclaim your the Joy and Happiness in your life again.

Sign up and come join our “Conscious Biodanza with Heart” Community and see how Biodanza can Transform your life..

Looking forward to seeing you in class!!

With my love,


Cell: +27(0)83 643 3322



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