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Biodanza Testimonials

Biodanza Testimonials

The transformation induced by Biodanza is not a simple reformulation of values;
it is … a relearning at the affective level…

Rolando Toro Araneda



“Very grateful with you Feroza for your generosity of sharing your dance. I felt alive and glad dancing with the group”- Participant from Peru- April 2020

“I love the classes and I love connecting with people from around the world. Thank you deeply.- Participant from Mexico – April 2020

“Thank you very much Feroza. That was really great. it made me feel good” – Participant from Peru- April 2020

“It is so much of love and joy” – Participant from the US

“Awesome way to tackle lockdown” – Participant from Johannesburg- April 2020



Over the years since Biodanza first came to South Africa, many people have embarked on their own personal journeys of discovery and self-fulfilment with Biodanza.

The freedom for self expression and the recognition of the interconnectedness of living beings that come from doing Biodanza have helped people to address multiple issues in various aspects of their lives. For some, it is a journey into self awareness, for others a rejuvenation of their senses and lust for life. Many have experienced profound healing of deep emotional wounds, along with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Here are some Biodanza testimonials sharing things that people have had to say about their experiences with Biodanza:

From Isolation to Belonging

“We were a small group who danced, laughed, cried… and embraced for two and a half years. Affectivity flowed. There was so much caring, warmth, acceptance and love. The training was the most enriching experience of my life.

For the first time I was able to conceive of myself as belonging. Not just being on the periphery … but fitting in as a human being and connecting deeply with others and through others.

“The journey… has been life changing and is on-going. I have revolutionised who I am and how I interact with the world. … This sense of belonging changed my internal view of myself as an isolated individual to one that was intimately linked to a multitude of others.”

Living from the Heart – Not the Head

“My sensation of life is different. I can feel who, what and where I am, rather than endlessly analysing and anguishing. Yes, the head does still come up with its agendas and strategies. But this heart connected embodied way of being has grown so much stronger. I trust it more and more.”

From Armour to Amour

“I came to Biodanza in a state of brokenness … Perhaps to people looking at me from the outside I seemed cheerful and happy …  But when I look back now, I see I was in little pieces …  I had built a strong solid suit of armour and this was protecting me …”

Biodanza began to give me the opportunity to remember – to remember joy, pleasure, connection with nature, connection with others, the giving and receiving of love and sweetness …

My suit of armour has been transformed into a suit of amour. The more love that is applied, the more sweetness, gentleness, tenderness I have felt and the more everything has been put together …”

“I have been able to let the walls between myself and others come down. I have learned again to trust others and perhaps more importantly to trust myself.”


“I went into a deep and profound depression. … I went to Biodanza just for somewhere to go and something to do as a way to at least cope with my inertia… and I could sense it offered me a way to access life to the full again. Of course the depression did not go away overnight…. Yet something was different. Now I felt like I had a life line…. I began to experience what I knew I always would and could experience in Biodanza namely, life, connection, friendship, good wholesome affectivity…”

Away from Self Destruction

“Fortunately, I found Biodanza … it was something of a life saver. … I felt renewed, alive and joyful. It felt liberating to be able to dance and loose my inhibitions without any chemical stimulant. I could have time to myself, to connect with myself, to dance, laugh, cry discover, connect, express!”

Resolving Relationships

“My father often had violent outbursts that left us frozen and scared. As children we had little choice – either our feelings go or we go….

I was really surprised to learn that I also have an inability to experience intensely pleasurable feelings…

There was so much damage, fear and pain in our relationships that the message of love got lost. The fear dissolved and I felt safe, loved and loving in a profound way.”

My relationship with my mother changed and I felt safer and more open with her. She died shortly after. Recovering my love for her provided the container for the grief that followed. It scares me to think what I would have done without that experience.”

Recovering Identity

“Impatiently I waited for the course to start in Cape Town. Driving more than a thousand kilometres every month for almost three years was no sacrifice as I was being moulded back, step by step, into the being I should have been all along.”

“At the age of thirty, I was supposedly “grown up”, married with children and yet I did not know who I was, why I am here or what made me unique. Through Biodanza, the process of self development has accelerated. This changed feelings of self worth and the overall way I think of myself.”

Adrenalin Driven

“When I started Biodanza, I had been suffering from extreme difficulties with sleep and rest. The more exhausted I was, the faster I’d talk and move. I could keep going when others had to stop. I felt constantly anxious, tense and my body buzzed. I couldn’t switch off… At last, I was learning self regulation.”

“I’m very driven, have always worked very hard, seem to have lots to prove and I can’t even blame anyone else – I am the slave driver boss! In Biodanza terms this is an inability to self regulate…. I know that I need a steady gentle pace next year to let the next stage unfold organically and gently. I have pushed hard enough for a while.”

Body Image

“I believed that I had the most imperfect body of all my friends. Looking back, I can only laugh. Today I am content, satisfied, happy and grateful for my physical appearance.”

“As a result of a negative self image, I cut myself off from my internal desire – my own sensuality. I shielded myself from life physically and psychologically and felt uncomfortable within my own skin. I unconsciously limited myself from experiencing life’s pleasures and felt undeserving and unworthy. When I re-entered myself through my sensation I was able to take my power back. I was able to re-enter the abundance of life.”

Awakening Sexuality

“Biodanza is the most powerful and effective mechanism of integration of sexuality of any human being, no matter from what background, country or gender.”

“Life is a sensual experience. There is much pleasure to be discovered through our very own sensation. It connects us to life. The more we deepen this experience, the more intensely we can experience life”

Seeing the World Anew

“We emerge from the vivencia with new eyes. The gaze is softer. It is like there is a light shining out of them. The world seems to be brighter, colours are stronger….”

“This life is a precious gift – we must embrace it by living in each moment with intensity. The here and now is all that we can be certain of and we must indulge in its succulence and voluptuosity… because this is paradise.”

From Surviving to Living!

“What we are doing as facilitators of Biodanza is preparing people to live as opposed to merely surviving.”

A Path with Heart

“Biodanza has been this “Path with Heart” for me. It has strengthened me, it has made me feel more joyful, more integrated and most of all stronger and more loving …

A cold truth became unavoidable. I realised I had been deceiving myself for over a decade. I had always thought I was OK and happy living on my own…

…these intentions (to create a new life) have now materialised. I am joined with my beautiful wife, we have a delightful contented and contained child and we have moved….”

I see Biodanza as one of the most effective tools I have used on my life’s journey. It has assisted me in identifying and living my life’s purpose, and to journey as close as possible to the path my soul is destined to travel.”

Awakening Ethical Consciousness

“The ecological and social crisis is clear for all to see. There is one solution that is seldom seen – the restoring of the link of love between individual and individual, individual and humanity, individual and the world…”

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