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I am so blessed for having found your Biodanza Online Classes Feroza, especially for these times of the Covid-19 pandemic. I cannot imagine my life without moving my body. Keeping my body in movement allows me to find balance in my mind and emotions connecting with my spirit.

Some people could say that real biodanza cannot be done through a screen but, as it is not possible to meet face to face in our usual vivencias nowadays, I feel these online classes have several characteristics in common with the direct contact experience.

I have found that I feel connection with my own body and the universe through the movements, listening to your soft, kind, energetic, encouraging voice through my speaker in each exercise; I feel connection with the other participants when I see them moving with me and the whole group, when we move together, when we play through the screen following each other movements, and when our hands move together sending blessings and love through our screens. My needs of belonging and affection are met in those magical moments.

I have a loving memory of one of my favorite sessions until now called “The gift of surrender”. In that vivencia I could connect with my ancestral wounds and find healing and relief feeling the presence of some of my loving ancestors who came to accompany my soul while the beautiful music was playing. So after lots of tears, I came out of the session feeling renewed, blessed and very grateful with life.

Some of the advantages I have found in being at home doing online Biodanza is that I allow myself to express more freely than in face to face sessions, things like shouting, crying, playing with my teddy bears while dancing, using musical instruments to accompany my dance, drinking more water during the session because I can go to the bathroom as several times as I choose to.

I thank you Feroza for your time, your presence, your willingness to offer these sessions in these difficult times. I invite people to join these online classes because maybe some of you could find these feelings of joy, strength, vitality, relaxation, tenderness, caring and companionship that I am experiencing with the sessions.

Hugs and blessings.
Gloria Quispe from Lima, Perú

Check for more information about our Online Biodanza Classes or WhatsApp Feroza on +27(0)83 64 33322.

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