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Press Comments about Biodanza

Here are a few of the press comments about Biodanza collected over time…


Have you ever danced until you flew? Danced so hard, so fast, so freely that you reach a level of overwhelming, ecstatic joy? If you haven’t you should – it can change your life.

Mike Aldridge, Ecstasy through Dance, Namaste, Vol 9

So how did I feel at the end of it all? Strangely cheerful and wholly invigorated. You will too.

Peter Wagenaar, Shake the Blues Away, Pathways to Health

Move your body to the new dance therapy that could boost your immune system,
not to mention your love life!… You leave feeling energetic and proud,
maybe even a little bit sexy. Well, all that undulating
has to unlock something, doesn’t it?

Dance the heart-ache away, Cosmopolitan

I’m feeling wonderfully relaxed and uplifted… I feel good and strangely optimistic
about everything… Many of the classmates head off to dinner together…
(I am) feeling an amazing bond with these people… Biodanza is like that,
helping you to make connections.

Geoff Dalglish, Grab a Partner, Mens Health

Sure you’re stressed, who isn’t? A Biodanza class might be just what you need
to bring some fun back into the mix. …. The Verdict: Totally rocks! Many systems
relieve stress but few leave you feeling this blissfully happy. There’s also a sense
of being open to whatever life brings you, and less stuck in your ways.

Stress Busters 10, FHM

Can two and a half hours really make a difference to how you feel about your body?
My experience is it can. … I sashayed over to my car, a big grin inside and out, feeling as if I had shifted and shaken loose something critical and controlling within. I realised how seldom I listen to my body’s wisdom and how often I override its needs and pleasures. If I am to learn to truly love myself, what better place to start than with my body?

Rosemary Miller, Movement into life, Odyssey

I arrived home in the late afternoon, also strangely lamb like, in a very laid back state.
Not once did I snap at my children or husband (something I usually do at least three times
between 6.00pm and 8.00pm) and by 8.30pm I’d fallen into a deep sleep.
My dreams took me to Buenos Aires where I proudly swivelled my hips,
tossed my head and kissed the mirror.

Marianne Holtman, The move we’re talking about, Shape

By the end of the class people are glowing and ready to take on the world.
In fact some of them go out to dinner together
and continue to share their new found zest for life.

Penny Brewer, Dance like nobody is watching, Odyssey

Music itself teaches you to move. For example, if you play earth music
with drums, your feet just want to move.

Carolina Churba-Doyle, O the Oprah magazine South Africa

What if the path to an organisation’s well being did not involve arduous teambuilding
exercises, long winded meetings or harrowing negotiations but something as simple
and pleasurable as dancing?

Christo van Staden, Let’s Dance, Sunday Times


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