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The Conscious Biodanza Facilitator

What is a Conscious Biodanza Facilitator?


Biodanza is a personal transformation tool and changes people’s lives on multiple levels. A Facilitator of Biodanza needs to be consciously and constantly working on their own personal development and need to be consciously integrated so that they are able to ” hold the space” for others. The level of their own personal “consciousness” will impact the people who attend their classes and for this reason they need full self awareness into their own internal world with their emotional states, emotional triggers ,subconscious programming, etc. They also need to be fully aware of their external world with group dynamics and power dynamics between Student and Facilitator. They need to be constantly aware of their “internal” and ” external” world at all times in order to stay present and to be able to “hold space” for others.

Come join the Biodanza South Africa – Biodanza School of Johannesburg starting September 2019!!!

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