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The Journey of Biodanza!


Hello World

Welcome to the Biodanza South Africa Blog!

Biodanza is a dance healing methodology aimed at changing and transforming your life from inside out. It is a courageous transformative journey that reconnects you with life. Biodanza changed my life as it did for many people. Biodanza appears in your life when you are ready for it. I knew from my very first dance 10 years ago that I will one day facilitate classes and run a School of Biodanza and today I am almost there.

I am deeply grateful to Rolando Toro for his genius of making Biodanza a reality and to Carolina Churba -Doyle for bringing Biodanza to South Africa almost 22 years ago. I honour their roles in helping me transform my life.

This is my first blog of many to come and so my journey to speak my truth and share my journey begins.

I thank you for bearing witness to my “story”.

I wish you well and God Bless!

With my love,

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